How to Write a Great Topic Sentence: Practical Guides with Vivid Samples

If you are preparing to write a research paper or a dissertation, you might be interested in finding other documents which other people have written. With samples you can learn how others have written a great topic sentence.

Using these samples, you will be able to do 2 things. One, you will be able to see the format that many people use to write the report. Secondly, you will be able to brainstorm ideas which you will put in your document. Some of the sources of these documents are: library and online sources. You should collect all materials you can find to create a review board which you will refer to when writing the report. You should be careful to use materials that have been accepted and reviewed by peer professors. There are very many sample documents which are available in the internet which have not been accepted. You should not use these sources. Also, you need to first of all check out the guideline that has been provided by your faculty. This is because different faculties have different formats of writing the dissertations. Sample documents should be used to show you how a paper is written. It will give you inspiration to write a quality paper.

  • Students who use past samples do well than those who ignore the importance of these samples. In fact, you should consult people who are a year in front of you on the strategies that they used to write their essays. You can borrow their papers, not to copy-paste them but to compare. You can also use these samples as templates for your research paper.
  • It is also important to note that sample papers are valuable tools for visual learners. These are people who learn better by watching rather than by reading. Using these documents as samples, they are able to write exceptional papers compared to when they don’t have these samples.
  • In addition, samples can give students a motivation to do a better job. For instance, students who want to get an A, will be motivated to see how an ‘A’ paper looks like. When they see that its usually not all that hard to get a good grade, these students are able to do a good job and achieve a better result.

Finally, looking at the samples can also help to answer questions that the students might have concerning research. For instance, a student who wants to know the format of the paper will look at the sample instead of asking the tutor.