Helpful Manual On Composing A Research Paper On Values And Ethics

Writing an essay on ethics may be a daunting task as the term varies from place to place. The values changes based on the sphere of life you are concerned with. For example business ethics differ greatly to that of legal ethics business ethics, medical ethics etc. The rules also differ from country to country. For example US business ethics are not accepted by Islamic culture and vice versa. Students are asked to write essays on such topics so that they become well aware of various aspects of life and develop harmony based on the situation.

  • First of all pick a topic: The topic is vast and you should narrow it down before embarking on the journey of writing. First of all make a list of the entire topics that you liked while carrying search and thereafter pick the one that enticed you the most.
  • Do the research: Since the topic is vast, first introduce the term ethics and values and then keep jotting all the significant points that you come across.
  • Write your first draft: Now organize all your points well. It will form the first piece of your draft. Write the first draft based on the subject you are discussing..
  • Pick the topic: Write on any topic- Business ethics, medical ethics, legal ethics or journalism ethics, but ensure that it has loads of information to write. If you have the liberty to choose from various topics, get the advantage of choosing the one of your choice so that you can write with an enthusiasm and make the essay exciting.
  • Outline: Based on the essay type, your outline differs accordingly. Also, keep the requirements of your professor in mind too. Traditionally, the topic should have an attractive introduction which makes a unique thesis statement. Thereafter write the body part keying in all the information on the chosen topic. Present all the arguments and counter arguments that come in your mind in the order of their importance. Write the most effective ones first and then in the decreasing order. In case you are about to write a compare and contrast essay, write the differences based on countries and societies. Remember, outline and format are important.
  • Format: Introduction, body and conclusion are must part of this essay composition. Apart from this, quotations, reference style and list of works cited should also be taken into consideration.
  • Conclusion: End your paper with a conclusion while expressing your own personal thoughts in a logical sequence. It should be pervasive. Keep it straight, simple and short.
  • Revise and make edits:Give a final touch to your essay and submit.