How to Select Outstanding Topics for Research Papers

The first thing to consider is to understand what is meant by an outstanding topic. Why is a topic for a research paper branded as outstanding? What makes it so? The first part of the answer regards the uniqueness of the topic. If you select a topic which is unusual you give yourself an excellent chance of having chosen an outstanding topic. You alone will be writing a research paper on this topic. That's a head start in terms of attracting the interest of your teacher or professor and that is the first step towards getting an excellent mark.

Then there is the passion or interest aspect of your so-called outstanding topic. In your search if you come across a topic which immediately sparks your interest or is a topic in which you already have a passionate interest, it is well on the way to being an outstanding topic. And all of that is fine but how do you select such outstanding topics?

  • Friends and family and fellow students.
  • Your school or college library.
  • The Internet and all it displays.

The beautiful thing about so many of these ideas is that they don't cost anything. You don't have to spend any money at all in selecting outstanding topics for research papers by talking to your fellow students, your friends and even members of your family. It only needs one clever or interesting suggestion for you to find that outstanding topic. Take the trouble to talk to people.

Your school or college library may well have many examples of research papers written by students at your institution and which are on record. Again there is no cost other than your time in searching through these research papers looking for ideas and inspiration. If you explain to the librarian the task at hand, they may very well save you a great deal of time and point you in the right direction.

And finally there is always the Internet and the hundreds of websites which talk about topics for research papers. Remember that you are looking for an outstanding topic and just because a website lists many topics that in itself does not mean the topic is right for you. Knowing that you're looking for something unusual, possibly unique, and certainly something which seriously appeals to your heart and mind, you should have no problem in selecting many outstanding topics for research papers you need to write.