Research Paper Tips: Restate and Summarize Your Findings

When writing a research paper, restate and summarize the information that was found when doing the research. Do not copy word for word what was read in a book or article. Restate or summarize in your own words what was discovered.


At the conclusion of the research paper it is important to summarize the findings. Briefly restate what was already written. Doing this allows the reader to reflect on what has been already presented and ensures that he/she understands what was read. This brings everything together in the end and helps make sense of the research.

Reiterate key points

When summarizing the research, restate the key points of the report. Include the most important details that briefly outline what was stated in the research paper. Do not just restate what was already written in the paper. Give new ideas and perspectives. This is the final word on the subject in the paper so make sure the reader truly understands the point of the paper. This is where persuasive remarks may be stated and opinions can be given.

Be brief

Restating and summarizing the findings at the end of the research paper needs to be brief. This is not rewriting the essay. It is giving a brief summary of the whole paper in just a few words. This part of the paper can either strengthen your paper or weaken it. Make sure this is where everything is neatly wrapped up and everything comes together nicely. This is not where the reader should get bored. This part of the research paper should be interesting and give the reader something to really think about.