Find a topic

  • Finding a suitable topic is often one of the most difficult tasks facing a student. Most experts agree that the most important point is to choose a topic, which interests you, as you will be working on it for some time.
  • Pick aspects of the topic, which you will be able to develop with enthusiasm and informed insight. Check out the online data that is available. You need to have good sources to develop your argument convincingly. If there are no sources it will be difficult to develop your argument.

Research the topic and what has been written about it.

  • Check out magazine articles in publications like Forbes Magazine, which often have a more informed approach than a research paper because they are based on business and actual experience. They also express differing points of view, which you need to develop your argument with positive and negative points for and against your argument. You want as broad a spectrum as possible.
  • Read what other researchers on the topic have written to get a feel for the subject. Pick subjects and angles that interest you because you are more likely to write well about a topic if you find it interesting and can convey your interest to readers.

Choosing research topics

  • You may consider business topics such as cyber security or IT business. Always relate it to legal and judicial interpretation so that it is not a standalone subject and can be developed across a broad theme including ethical considerations.
  • Another fruitful avenue for research topics is criminal law and judicial review of cases such as the death penalty-should it be abolished? Or assisted suicide should it be made legal or remain a crime? Should Marijuana be legalized? – Points for and against.
  • Educational themes such as how does poverty affect a teacher’s ability to teach? Private tuition as against public school education-, which is more effective? You can also consider topics to do with the family environment -How to protect children from abusive parents what is the government’s role?
  • You can ask if partisan politics is disrupting the political system and preventing it from functioning properly? Can legislation regulate business practices or does it stifle initiative? Can stock market speculation be fully regulated without damaging the free market?

Women’s rights

  • Women’s rights is another very fruitful area for research topics such as why are there so few women in top managerial positions and what can be done to rectify the balance? Can women have maternity leave and retain their position in the company? Can women’s pay be the same as men’s and how should this be regulated?
  • Always add on a qualifying sentence after stating the topic to leave room for argument and discussion so you can develop the topic and use different types of argument. You must attempt to persuade by logical argument and choosing the best sources to illustrate your points. This is the secret of an excellent paper.