Who Can Provide Me with an Example of a Research Paper Outline

  • There are several reputable online sites that can provide you with examples of outlines for your research paper.
  • There does not seem to be much variation in the quality, and generally they all seem to follow the same format.
  • There are specific websites that deal with specific fields of study - this is very useful as there is a variation between what you may put in a research paper for Psychology in comparison to the format you may use for a research paper for Applications of Calculus.

Some of the outlines are really positive and even if the outline does not actually fit your research paper, the examples can give you some good ideas of how to structure the different sections of your paper. The ideas are realistic an in some cases inspirational.

An example may just provide you with a broad outline, which you can then build on to personalize it and make it more relevant to your work

Such an example may be applied to the topic of food poisoning:

  • Introduction should include: the definition of food poisoning; the significance of your study; definition of the term you are using.
  • Body should include: the symptoms of food poisoning; the effects of food poisoning; the treatments that are available.
  • Conclusion: what your research paper has identified.
  • Recommendations: how to deal with food poisoning; based on your research what directives can be put into place to prevent outbreaks of food poisoning.

Other examples are more detailed and use a more direct approach. The usefulness in this is that it reminds you that if you are using an argument to support your hypothesis, you also have to give an argument that opposes it. In effect using an outline such as you would find online helps you with the balance of opinions that you need to produce a research paper.

Another really positive aspect about looking at outlines of research papers online is that there is no apparent charge for the information. Some websites however advertise that they can write your research paper for you (for a fee), but generally there are some really good examples of outlines of research papers waiting to be used or developed around your own topics and ideas. The outlines don’t do the work for you but they can help you clarify your thoughts write your research paper with more precision.