How to Get a Sample of a Sociology Research Paper

When you are tasked to write my research paper on sociology, you may require a sample to give yourself a better idea of where your paper should go and what the finished product should look like.

How do you get a sample of a sociology research paper?

  1. You can ask your professor for a sample written by previous students. Chances are the teacher has the tangible or at the very least the electronic copies stored somewhere that can be easily accessed. With a sample from your teacher you not only get to see how the papers are laid out and what headings or subheadings are included but you also get the opportunity to see what your teacher considers an “A” paper or a “B” paper. Having that kind of information is very useful when your goal is to obtain a certain letter grade and have no rubric.
  2. You can ask previous students. If you know of any students who have taken that specific course or any similar course before you can talk to them and see if they have copies of previously written papers. You can learn many writing techniques from these and you can gather useful sources for your sociology research paper.
  3. You can refer to writing guides. Whether you buy one yourself or you borrow one from the internet there are published writing guides that all have samples of research papers. These guides are often laid out with an explanation of each part of the paper followed by an example of that part. Then at the end of the guide you will see the entire example.
  4. You can look online for samples. The internet is full of samples published by writing centers or students. You can find samples on file share websites or educational websites all of which offer great information on how to set up your research paper.

Why use a sample?

Reviewing a sample paper is quite useful because it gives you a physical layout of what is expected. If you have never written a research paper before then you will not know exactly what headings you need or how they should be organized. Viewing a sample gives you first hand information. You can also pick up useful resources for your paper by reviewing the bibliography list from other example papers in your field.