Where To Find A Proper Political Science Research Paper Sample: Basic Tips

Political science is a branch of the social sciences that deals with political systems, behaviors, and philosophies. Students in this field study the theories of politics, comparative politics, international relations, public law, public administration, and political methodology. It also incorporates relevant aspects of psychology, sociology, and economics. If you’re taking a political science course in high school or college, you will almost certainly have to write at least one research paper.

Writing a research paper can be daunting, but one great way of figuring out what you’re supposed to be doing is to find a political science research paper sample. Finding a sample can give you a great idea of what a good, A-level paper should look like in terms of content, structure, and writing style.

If you’re wondering where to find a proper political science research paper, here are a few places where you can look:

  • Ask students who have taken the course before. If you have any upperclassman friends who took the same course, ask them if they got a good grade on the assignment, and whether they still have a copy of it somewhere. Their paper can give you a good idea of what your writing needs to be like.
  • Look for essay anthologies or papers in peer-reviewed academic journals at your local municipal or university library. There are a number of peer-reviewed academic journals centered on the academic study of politics, such as the American Journal of Political Science, Foreign Policy, and International Policy Digest. You can also look for anthologies in book form that contain similar writings and research, which will demonstrate good structure and methodology. These works are written by professional academics who have devoted their lives to studying politics. Some can even be found online, either as ebooks for purchase, or in the public domain.
  • Ask your teacher or professor. Many professors and secondary school teachers keep former students’ papers for at least a year or two after a year or semester is over. Ask them if you could look at a copy of someone else’s work that received an A, to get an idea of what you should do for your own assignment.
  • Ask other students on a forum. Other students who have completed similar classes, and still have their old essays and assignments, might be willing to let you take a look at their own old papers that received good grades. There are many forums out there for students to converse with one another.