Deriving inspiration: biology topics for a research paper

Writing a research paper can be a tough gig. You want to do something interesting, something different and something relevant. Sometimes, however the hardest part is what topic to chose. Maybe you’re struggling to come up with a good idea. Follow these simple tips and you’ll get the best biology topic you can write done in no time:

  • Coastal Preservation
  • Near-Extinct Animals
  •   Extreme Bacteria
  • Biology in Space
  • Coastal Preservation
  • As the world’s coasts get torn up and planted anew with ever increasing gusto, now is the time to think about how we can preserve these natural oceanic landmarks. Oil barons want to make man-made islands while their earth-made ones go to waste. The Great Barrier Reef is in tatters, and there doesn’t seem like we can do anything to stop it. Meanwhile sunken ships provide a refuge for sea-life of all kinds. So start asking the touch questions and get to the root of these environmental topic ideas.

  •  Near-Extinct Animals
  • With new species being wiped out every year, we need to look at what’s coming next. If we don’t know who is at risk how are we going to save them? Take a look at what’s already gone and what’s next. Look at how we as humans need these creatures. Your paper could be the one to save an endangered species. Investigate the different ways you can help, and what the world can do too.

  •  Extreme Bacteria
  • Ever wondered how bacteria can survive in freezing temperatures and in hot climates? What is it that makes them so resilient, and how can we use that t our advantage? What can we learn from these microbial beings, if anything? And where are they going next? What’s the next step on the evolutionary ladder for, say, super-bugs and those resistant to our medications? These are the pressing issues right now. If we can figure these out, we could save lives and cut down medical costs across the world.

  • Biology in Space
  • How will man survive in space? Will we go mad in that isolated loneliness? Or will we thrive as adventurers in new worlds? What sort of pressure can the human body withstand, and that of the mind, too? Space is where we’re going. There are plans to get to mars, to set up colonies, and to mine the asteroids. So we need to be prepared for everything. If ever there was a time to get thinking about humanity in space, now would be good. Be at the fore of this new-age.