Creating An Excellent Research Paper About Smoking, Things To Consider

Most people have experimented with smoking and many continue to do so for most of their lives. There are many aspects of this activity and each individual can tell a different tale, however many argue both sides of the story, both sides equally convicted in their beliefs. Here are some things to consider when writings a research paper about smoking:

  1. How many people consume narcotics
  2. It is shocking how many people use these drugs around the world, and whats more shocking is that the most widely smoked substance also happens to be one of the leading causes of death worldwide. Many people of all genders, race and economic backgrounds use these drugs for most of their lives so looking into the different types of people who participate in this activity could shed some light on the issue.

  3. The various substances that people use
  4. There are many drugs that are used by different people all over the world, some are obviously bad for health while there are those that are considered to have high medicinal uses by many people and large organizations. Incidentally, some of these substances are considered illegal by many governments around the world.

  5. What is this substance
  6. The chemical composition of the substance known as “smoke” should be looked into as well. Find out how it affects the body, what are the possible reasons it can be bad for the health and if they all represent the same threat or just some while others are perfectly safe.

  7. The negative effects
  8. The negative effects of this activity can be seen by viewing the medical budget of any developed country. Many people contract and succumb to lung cancer ever year and the numbers are quite staggering compared to other forms of unnatural human mortality. However, not every type of user is susceptible to this disease.

  9. The positive effects
  10. Many large corporations and groups are fighting for the legalization of certain drugs and they were met with strong resistance for years. They argue that certain drugs are good for many of the chronic illnesses that persist today and the reason why their drug is illegal is because it will hamper the pharmaceutical industry.

  11. The effects of this practice on society as a whole
  12. Second hand smoke is a major concern of society and it should be, this form of the drug is many times more harmful than the user experiences since most of it is unfiltered.