What Are Some Good Argumentative Research Paper Topics

When you are given the opportunity to choose an argumentative research paper topic you are essentially being asked to write about something you are very passionate about. Besides great writing and a sound, logical argument, the single biggest focal point of an argumentative research paper is writing about something that interests you:

Here are some really good argumentative research paper topics to help you get started:

  1. How seriously should we take standardized test scores? Are these scores weighted appropriately when it comes to college admissions? What can be done to change the way we perceive the standardized testing?
  2. Is a longer school calendar a good idea? Many people have considered decreasing the amount of hours committed to learning each day, but on the flip side others have suggested that we should add more calendar school days. Is any one of these ideas good for education today?
  3. Should the children of illegal immigrants be entitled to the same public education? This is an ongoing debate among law makers. On the one hand providing education to children of illegal immigrants costs money, on the other hand it helps them have a better chance at building a great future.
  4. Should what is said or posted on Facebook be grounds for getting a person fired? Social media has grown to unimaginable proportions and has affected nearly every part of our lives. Should material we post on our profiles be used against us and if so are there any limitations?
  5. Does musical training improve one’s chances of being successful in life? Even if someone doesn’t pursue music in life, training in music has been shown to develop analytical and creative capabilities. Should we include more it in schools?
  6. Is it alright for men and boys to comment on women and girls on the street? There is a very sensitive line between casual conversation and comments that can come off as insulting or even offensive. Should we educate men and boys better so that they stop this behavior?
  7. Where should collegiate-level sports teams draw the line in selling rights? Colleges and universities make millions per year selling the likeness of several of their collegiate players. However, under current regulations not one of these students ever sees a dime. Should this change?
  8. Would a bike sharing program work in your community? Bike sharing programs have shown many benefits in several cities – from reducing congestion to keeping people active. Would such a program work in your community and how would it be received?
  9. Do our youth sports organizations hand out way too many trophies? Friendly competition and awarding excellence was once normal and encouraged in society. But now it seems we encourage participation and award what some would even consider mediocrity. Why do we hand out so many awards?
  10. Can the older generations learn a thing or two from younger generations? Besides teaching a few things about technology, what other things can younger generations teach older generations about modern times? Music? Politics?