How to make a proper research paper title page format

Probably in high school and most certainly in college you will be asked to create a research paper which has a number of ingredients. The first is the title page. If you’re unsure about how this title page should look, there are many resources which give excellent examples. Think of the title page of your research paper as the cover of the book. The actual writing of your research paper is the same as the contents of the book and the title page of your research paper is the cover of that book.

You can search online for examples of the various formats and in this case it is the MLA or Modern Language Association format and for which you are required to produce a title page.

The title of your research paper will be typed on the title page about a third of the way down and centred. It will not be all in capital letters. The first letter of each important word will be a capital but all other letters will be in lower case.

It's important to understand that the title page in the MLA format is not counted as an actual page. Page 1 of your research paper will be the page immediately following the title page.

As a research paper, your title page will have a 1 inch margin on all four sides of the paper, all text will be double spaced and your name will appear beneath the title of your research paper on the title page.

Other details which must appear on the title page include:

  • The name of your class.
  • The name of your teacher or professor.
  • The date by which the paper is to be handed in.

It is always wise to ask your teacher or professor about the format required. While the MLA format does have a set series of requirements, individual teachers may require or allow you to bury those requirements. It takes very little time to check and certainly a lot less time than it would to correct what you should have had right in the first place.

One major benefit of the Net is the number of free web sites, often hosted by colleges, which publish illustrated examples of how a title page of an MLA research paper should look like. The sites are free and the information is valuable.