Finding a well-written research paper abstract sample

An abstract is just a short summary of the paper. It is a brief review of the thesis, article, review or whatever the paper is covering. It is not the place to list any in-depth results or details of the subject of the paper. That’s partly why writing an abstract can be a difficult thing for most novice writers and experts alike. It always comes down to the question: should I put this part in or not?

Looking at a sample that someone else has written is a very good way to learn how to do something. It’s much easier to follow by example than to come up with good results out of your own head when you’ve never done it before. The trick to using a sample is finding a well-written one that isn’t too expensive. Beware of free samples. Will they really have good quality if they are free?

Characteristics of a Well-Written Abstract:

  • Should be a summary that’s both complete and concise
  • Tells potential readers what the paper is about without them having to read the entire paper
  • The thesis statement should be included and stated clearly
  • Give an idea of the approach you took in the writing
  • Overview of the conclusions without going into great depth of detail

How to Find a Sample Abstract Online:

There are several places you can look online for sample abstracts that are well-written. If you could find a database of published research papers, it would be a goldmine of samples for you to peruse through. Sometimes public libraries give access to research journals. The key is to having access to both the abstract and the research paper so you can see how they condensed the information in the paper down sufficiently to make an interesting and informative abstract.

Another place you can search on the web is for online writing agencies. There are often many writing services who will provide a sample to you for a nominal fee. This is a brilliant place to look because if you like the sample they provide, you would likely love their other services as well. If you get stuck part-way through writing your abstract, you could hire one of their experts to help you complete your writing.

The sample abstract is a teaching tool. It has the potential to show you how to craft your own well-written abstract.