10 Winning US History Term Paper Topics

Somewhere there could be a wonderful that exists for each subject area that gives the student a good list of topics that they can use to write a wonderful term paper. Mostly though the lists that are produced lack any spontaneous inspiration. This comes as a bit of a let down as US history is fast moving and its complexity inspirational. Add this to historical characters, personalities and politics and there is a wealth topics that can be used for writing that History Term paper.

Suggestions where to start to make a choice

Any of these suggestions from Mypaperwriter can make a starting point for your planning for your history term paper.

  1. Like any other subject, students of history each have their own favorite period. This is a good place to start to make your choice. If your interest lies in the Revolution, Civil War or prohibition, let that be your starting point.
  2. Or, if you have a favorite President, why do you feel that he may be one of the most important presidents? Was it because he initiated National Parks? Or did he initiate the interstate system? Or is it because of the controversy surrounding his assassination?
  3. Or, is there a particular event that you believe molded the USA into the country that it is now?
  4. Bill of Rights as the beginning of the American Constitution; Why does having a constitution set the USA apart from somewhere like UK?
  5. Thomas Jefferson and his slave Sally Hemming; you essay could tackle many different and controversial issues. How was this situations viewed at the time. Can you take this topic and take it from a different point of view?
  6. Monroe Doctrine – What were the causes? What were the circumstances that led up to this? What were the initial effects of this Doctrine?
  7. Confederacy – What led to the formation of the confederacy? What were the peculiarities of its formation? What would the outcome have been if the confederacy had not been formed?
  8. Suffragist movement and its effects; What eventually led to the start of the movement? How did the movement compare to the suffragist movement in Britain?
  9. League of Nations – What led to the formation of the League of Nations? Why was its formation so significant? Why was it termed as a dream that failed?
  10. Korean War – How appropriate is the view that it was seen as confrontation between two vast nations. How did the war impact on the situation today?