Creative guidelines on how to write a research paper on a person

Writing a research paper about a person or a personality from the past has become one of the most common topics for writing a dissertation. The scope of such topics is broader with a lot of ease as you just have to do a character analysis of that personality and some of his influential life events which you think are relevant under the scope of your dissertation. It doesn’t involve any rocket science about which the students bothers a lot.

Creative Guidelines for writing a research paper about a person:

Following are some brief but creative guidelines which will help you a great deal in writing a good dissertation on any person:

  • Choose a personality who is famous and broad enough to gather interesting facts about him. Further, the person should also be narrow enough to be easily managed for writing a dissertation.
  • Locate your sources and short list about 3-4 personalities in order to begin with. Critically analyze their biographies one by one and collect all the important information about them and write it on a paper.
  • Now pick out the one about which you have collected the most of the information.
  • Outline all the points again about the personality and this time also show that what life events, examples and the quotations you can quote about the personality. This is very important and your dissertation without such information would be incomplete.
  • Give a structure to your dissertation that how many sections you will have and what information you will give in each section.
  • Make sure that you also collect all the sources where you got the particular information about that person. You have to give reference of the source links inside your dissertation.
  • The introduction of the dissertation should be the strongest and it should highlight the characteristics, significance and the relevance of that person in the today’s world.
  • The body of the dissertation should include all the life events and facts about that personality in detail. Again be sure to cite all the sources where you got the particular information from.
  • Conclude your paper by giving your critical analysis about the personality based on the facts that you discussed in the body of your dissertation.
  • The topic of the dissertation should be chosen at the end after you have finished writing. The reason for choosing it late is because you will then have a better idea about a suitable topic.