Picking Up Strong Research Paper Topics On Technology

Technology is all around us and drives our day-to-day lives. It helps us do our laundry, acts as a GPS system, allows us to send emails from our computer and phones and it is always evolving. When writing a research paper about the technology, make the paper something that you find interesting as well as a topic that impacts a lot of people. After picking your topic, be sure to research the topic so that you have adequate information to complete your information. Below are some topics you can possible use for your paper.

  • History of computers
  • This can be a really fun and interesting topic to explore. Computers do not have a long history behind then yet they have advanced quickly throughout the ages. Not only are they becoming faster and able to do more, they have also become smaller from their early days.

  • Technology and education
  • We are noticing that computers are used in all levels of schools from elementary schools all the way to colleges and universities. You can write about whether this is a good thing or a bad thing. With this topic, you can also talk about how, and computers were slowly incorporated into the school system.

  • Internet control by the government
  • Some people believe that the content on the Internet needs to be controlled by the government. Do you think this is a good idea or will government control bring wit it large groups of opposition?

  • Technology and cars
  • We have noticed that with every new model of cars coming out, that the gadgets and apps inside the car has advanced and gotten better. Do you think that these new additions to our cars make it safer for us or is it a really bad idea?

  • Using social media as a marketing tool
  • Many businesses, both big and small, are using social media as a cheaper and alternative way to advertise. You can touch on how this has helped or, maybe, hindered the success of these businesses.

  • Reproduction and technology
  • There is so much that can come from this broad topic. You can talk about cloning, and how advancements allow us to identify if a child has a genetic disease, or the high success rate of in-vitro fertilization since the science behind it has gotten better.

  • GPS
  • Global Positioning Satellite has advanced since the first time it was introduced. The GPS, itself, is no longer needed since its updates over the years have made it easier to become a standard fixture of our cellular devices.

These are just a few strong topics to choose from. There is a lot about technology that can be researched and written about. It is all about developing an interest in some aspect of your topic or assignment, researching information about it, writing about it and presenting it to your audience.