Creating A Research Paper In Social Sciences: The Correct Structure

When you are writing a research paper no matter on what topic you will have to keep in mind the rules and regulations set by the university and the association it is affiliated to. The general structure for all paper being submitted to APA is quite same. You will have to keep the basic structure exactly the same in order to get it approved.

When you are working on a social science topic there are bound to be some conclusions and recommendations. You will have to follow the general rule while placing them in your paper. You will also have to include the methodology and mention if you have conducted any experiments. The general nitty-gritty like abstracts, hypothesis and acknowledgements also has to be written at the right places.

While drawing the structure to base your research paper on, follow these simple steps:

  • The most important part of the paper is the introduction. This is where you will summarize the whole objective of your paper and what you did to achieve it. You need to identify the reader with the topic you are going to base your paper on. The reader should be able to understand the problem you are set to unravel or discuss and this is the place to do it. Keep this section simple and easy to understand even by people who may not be expert in the field of social science.
  • Then explain the methodology followed by you in the paper. Keep it detailed and give all the steps that you may have taken in the process of experiments. Make it like a guidebook so that anyone who wishes to test the authenticity of your paper can enact the experiments by reading this section.
  • After a detailed methodology give the results of the experiments. Highlight how the results go on to prove your hypothesis.
  • Follow the results with discussion on the results. It should make the reader understand the significance of the findings.
  • Draw your conclusion based on the pervious parts of the research paper. You can also include if there is recommendation that you think is necessary after your findings.
  • APA requires you to cite your references. You can call it the bibliography and cite all the places you got your information from. Mention every book, newspaper, encyclopedia and website that you may have used as a reference.