Students write one-paragraph summary or abstract for a research project. It is used for an introduction research papers which are published in academic journals and documents presented at conferences to attract attention to the research paper. The abstract is an introductory paragraph, which enables the reader to understand the arguments and ideas in the paper.

The abstract is an important document, which your professor will take into consideration when considering your thesis and it will be advertised in conferences and considered by your superiors and peers. You should have this audience in mind when writing the abstract and your thesis. It is only natural that the introduction, which covers the scope of the thesis, is the most important part and a guide to the writing of the complete thesis. Try to write in a comprehensible and simple way always writing acronyms in full so that the layman can understand them. You want to reach the widest possible audience.

What should you include in the abstract?

  • The aim of the thesis and its subject matter.
  •  The subject which has caused you to write the thesis.
  • Your research method and the documents used.
  • The conclusions you have reached or if you are still working on the thesis the findings to date.
  •  The significance of the thesis, what questions are you seeking to solve and what it has achieved.
  •  The abstract should cover the whole project within the word limit.
  •  It must be concise and as clear as possible and should be carefully edited.
  • It should flow easily and logically from beginning to end.

Write as directly and simply as possible eliminating technical jargon and phrases which add nothing to your argument. Your writing style must be tight and clear, after all the abstract is only one paragraph of 150-200 words, not the entire thesis so clarity and brevity are essential. Make sure that your professor reviews your abstract and approves it before any kind of publication at a conference or on line.v

Make sure you take time to edit the abstract thoroughly to cut out any unnecessary expressions and limit yourself to evidence and facts. Get rid of any excess baggage in your writing. Aim to be original; this is perhaps the hardest task of all because everything has its source