APA is a style guideline. APA (The Publication Manual of the Psychological Association), was developed in 1929 by social scientists to provide easy standardized stylistic rules and reference points on how to write a scientific paper so that readers will know the format and where to look for references. For the nest APA formatting guidelines and guided paper help, visit this research paper writing service.

It directs the student from beginning through to the end of the paper beginning with how to write a page title, the heading and the length.

  • Punctuation and agreed abbreviations.
  •  How to write numbers and statistics.
  • How to draw and present graphs and tables.
  • The citation of references and sources.

It covers term papers, research and empirical studies, methodological and theoretical essays, and case studies. APA research documents are divided into eight main sections, which are:

  • Title page
  • Abstract
  • The introduction, method and length.
  • It examines the results, discusses them and lists references and appendices at the end

The APA style means observing formatting including the font,  line spacing, indentations, margins and page headings. Use a serif type face like Times New Roman for text and Arial for figures. Each paragraph must be indented by one and half inches. Text must be aligned to the left hand margin. Special care must be given to manuscript formatting and the order of pages. The order of the paper is always, the title, the abstract, the beginning of the text and the writer must ensure that references and tables all appear on a new page. The captions must appear on the same page as the figure it refers to. Headings are important indicators for the reader and APA style has five different types of headings and each level must be used consecutively.

APA seeks to reduce bias by using the appropriate level of specificity and accuracy and being sensitive when describing people and how descriptions are applied and participation has to be acknowledged. It requires a sensitivity to other points of view. Cite references in the text with author, page number, date of publication and publisher. Provide a reference list mentioning all sources.

The APA style research paper has to conform to these set rules, which seem daunting to the beginner but are there to ensure that all requirements for a successful scientific paper are completed so that readers can access the information.