A List of Interesting Anthropology Research Paper Topics

The field of anthropology is a wide one, full of many viable topics on which to write. You can find topics that range among the broad spectrum that is the field of anthropology. There are always new perspectives, discoveries, methods, models, and theories to be developed, and with each new development, new topics arise. If you are tasked with writing an anthropology research paper, you will have to first select a topic that is interesting to you and relates to your assignment. There are many subfields in the field of anthropology, so you can use the narrowing of the subfields as a way to refine your topic of choice.

If you want to write a paper that focuses on the field of biological anthropology you can write about any of the following:

  • The human brain
  • Race
  • Genetic engineering
  • Biocultural diversity
  • Human development and growth

If you are instead interested in writing a paper that covers archaeological anthropology, you can write about:

  • Artifacts, ruins, and burials
  • Excavation and preservation techniques
  • Archaeology

Should you instead prefer to write about sociocultural anthropology there are many topics from which to choose including:

  • Write about ethnology
  • Write about ethnography
  • Discuss kinship systems
  • Write about the concept of culture
  • Discuss magic and the relation to science
  • Write a paper on witchcraft or sorcery
  • Write about cosmology and mythology
  • Discuss religions and beliefs
  • Talk about political organizations
  • Discuss shamanism

If you prefer writing about applied anthropology you can discuss infectious diseases, medical anthropology, forensic anthropology, applied anthropology, or law and anthropology. The field of temporal frameworks can also make for sound topics, such as paleontology, prehistoric cultures, ancient civilizations, or geology.

If you want to write about social behavior, consider the topics below:

  • Social relationships
  • Festivals and rituals
  • Write about the role of music and dance
  • Write about aggression and conflict
  • Discuss social problems such as delinquency or gangs
  • Discuss violence and warfare or other deviant behavior
  • Write about social status, role, and rank

You can also write a paper that focuses on different culture areas. You can compare the past to preset Africa, Europe, Polynesia, India, Europe, or Caribbean.

The field of anthropology also has modern topics on which to write. Consider writing on the following:

  • Modern folk concepts
  • Computers and anthropology
  • Women in the field of anthropology
  • Computers and their impact on anthropology
  • Anthropology as it is presented in literature or history