10 Great Advice On How To Write A Research Paper

A research paper is basically an assignment which mainly relies on gathering information from other sources and combining it into one paper. Here are some useful tips on how to write a good research paper:

  1. Go through and understand the topic or question asked – This is the first step when doing any form of writing, be it an essay or term paper.
  2. Plan and allocate enough time to handle the paper – Research papers are quite involving and may require a lot of time.
  3. Conduct your research – You may get tempted to rely on what you already know, but this will lead to an obvious research paper which will not be unique and will probably get you low marks. Do your own research on the topic and find the major points to discuss. Look for an angle that is unique and will earn you marks.
  4. Create an outline– This is to guide you. When you start writing your paper, you might get lost at any point. The outline acts to guide you back to the main topic.
  5. Have a proper introduction that captures the readers' attention – This makes the readers more interested in your writing. Use a quote or remark that is bound to hook the reader and that is not so cliché.
  6. You need to have smooth transitions between paragraphs – This is to ensure that the reader does not get lost or confused when reading the text. Let each point have its own paragraph. This is a way to ensure that your paper is easy to read. Some topics may require more than one paragraph which is still okay. The main point here is; do not mix your ideas in one paragraph.
  7. Conclude your paper – Restate the topic, highlight some major points in the paper and finally leave the reader with something to think about. Go through your paper and ensure that there are no errors and make sure the points come out as you intended them to with the proper tone.
  8. Make the final draft.
  9. Do not copy, paste the research – Look into every angle and compile the research. Do not copy it as it is from a book or Internet.
  10. Submit your paper on time.